Sunday 26 January 2014

All my book decisions are now sorted!

I've mentioned in the past that I have trillions of books to read, yet I keep buying more and I don't see that changing soon. So I've come to the conclusion that I need to get better and quicker at deciding on which book to read. At the moment it can take me half an hour of pondering and getting overwhelmed before I end up reaching for the book that seems most similar to my last read, has the flashiest cover or is the current most talked about book around. I often find myself forgetting about the 40 odd books on my kindle as well as I can't see their pretty spines or striking typography. This in ability to make a choice and just grabbing something also often means I  ignore the books that have been on my shelf for ages as they're not front and centre in my mind - this is partly why I set myself the 2014 book challenge although so far I seem to be very focused on the recently purchased books and something needs to change.

Anyway with this idea in my head to be better at choosing books I scoured the wonders of Pinterest and happened open the idea of a 'to be read' jar, which is basically the answer to my dilemma - hooray! This genius and incredibly simple jar is now sat on my shelf awaiting it's first use. And it's going to make my book choosing issues so much better - I can't believe I didn't think of it myself! I just need to make sure I stick to the rule of ensuring I read the book I've pulled out of the jar, no returns allowed or else what's the point! If you fancy making your very own jar then just follow the easy steps below.

Find a jar, grab some coloured paper and get writing down all the books you own.

Cut out your little strips of paper and enlist your sister in folding them all up.

Pop them into the jar, give it a shake and pop it on your shelf.

You're now ready to go. Fingers crossed the days of umming and ahhing are over!

What about you, have you done something similar or do you have any brilliant ideas to help you choose your next trip, or do you just grab the first book you find?

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