Thursday 27 March 2014

A few treats to myself

Since the start of the year I've been trying to be better at not spending money frivolously and instead I've been considering each purchase carefully. This has resulted in me buying far less crap than I usually do and of course has saved me money. However over the last month or so I've gotten slightly itchy fingers and felt the need to buy stuff, I've tried to curb this habit as much as possible by thinking my purchases through, which has resulted in a few treats to myself, which I thought I'd share here today.

I couldn't say no to this pencil skirt when I spotted it in Oasis as it's so pretty and unlike anything I already own. I've already worn it a couple of times to work and I've received a couple of nice comments, which is always lovely. The two mugs in the picture were in the sale from Hunkydory Home and I just couldn't resist! As well as these two I've also got the New York one and the trio make a nice set I think.

Of course I couldn't not buy any books during my shopping ban, but I at least managed to restrict my purchases to the charity shops. I think you'll agree that for only £10 I got some pretty brilliant books, yes? I was particularly pleased with The Water Babies as it's such a beautiful edition, I love it!, and with Gold as I've been meaning to read it for ages. The Other Hand, one of Chris Cleave's other books was just brilliant and I hope Gold lives up to my super-high expectations.

So what about you, how have you treated yourself recently?

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