Tuesday 26 November 2013

Chicago - Travel Tuesday

Greetings friends, and how are you this morning? I hope you're ready and raring to go for another installment of Travel Tuesday! This week I'm taking a trip across the pond and six years back to one of my favourite cities - the glorious Chicago. I can't quite pinpoint why this place is such a favourite of mine, perhaps it was the wonderful architecture, the brilliant sunshine or the glorious parks, but it's most definitely on my list to visit again one day. So let's jump in to the trip...

Did you know that Chicago actually starts its Independence Day celebrations on July 3rd with the Taste of Chicago and the Independence Day Eve Fireworks display? No I didn't either, and I don't know if they still do but that was the case back in 2007 whilst I was on the last leg of my worldwide post university trip. Whilst in Chicago I was lucky enough to be there to experience the celebrations and they were amazing, the fireworks were some of the best I've ever seen! I was in Chicago for a week in total but I think those 24 hours were my favourite moments from our time their, it was just so interesting to experience another country's biggest holiday, especially when it's one we don't celebrate in the UK.

Below are some snaps from our day where we visited the Taste of Chicago before settling down in Grant Park for the amazing Independence Day firework display and concert. What is the Taste of Chicago I hear you ask, well it's this brilliant food festival where you buy tokens, which you can then switch for different tasters of meals from top Chicago restaurants. It's really a brilliant idea and we had such fun trialing everything - I would definitely recommend you doing the same if you ever have a Taste Festival near you.

The magic silver bean!

Settling down in Grant Park in preparation for the show

In the shadow of Chicago's skyscrapers

Listening to the Grant Park Orchestra as night falls, pre fireworks!


  1. I have still never been to Chicago, but it's always been on my list! Cross country road trip sometime in the future I hope, I need to see the bean! That taste festival sounds right up my street too.

  2. Chicago is on my list for when I come to the states as I have friends there, it looks so pretty!