Friday 29 November 2013

The recipe for a perfect weekend

Last weekend I was ensconced in a gorgeous little cottage in Cambridgeshire with three friends for three days of Christmas frivolities and it was such fun! We arrived on the Friday afternoon and spent the entire time until our departure on Monday lunchtime, eating, chatting, watching Christmas films, reading and relaxing in front of a fire. It really was a blissful weekend. Since leaving university it's so rare for me to spend an entire weekend with good friends doing not a lot. Usually there's an entire itinerary of sights to see, places to visit and restaurants to try, so to be holed up in one place with nothing specific to do makes such a change.

So today I wanted to share my recipe for a brilliant weekend with good friends with minimum effort! To thoroughly enjoy the weekend you will need:
  • three awesome people
  • a whole fridge and larder full of food (enough to ensure you can eat something new every half an hour or so). Essential items include (but are not limited to) all the ingredients for the best roast chicken ever, marshmallows, peanut hottie, pringles, dips, peanut m&m's, a chocolate yule log, croissants, cereal, wine, orange juice, Maryland cookies and pizza (always pizza).
  • the most picturesque cottage you've ever seen
  • a log fire and the knowledge of how to light said fire - trust me it's harder than you think
  • board games
  • Christmas films, including Die Hard, Love Actually, Beauty and the Beast, The Santa Clause and The Holiday
  • a plethora of books and magazines
  • Christmas pyjamas, jumpers and socks
  • brilliant presents and Christmas chocolate for everyone (see some of the things I received below!)

Today is a Good Day print from Steph Says Hello // Teal Sausage Dog Scarf from Lisa Angel 

What's your idea of the ultimate weekend of relaxing, I'd love to know! 

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