Sunday 27 April 2014

When I move I will fill my house with lovely stuff!

So here's the thing, the new flat/dwelling/hovel/house thing is not going well. It's still ridiculously frustrating, time consuming and stressful. Nothing has really improved since I wrote my Sunday morning house buying rant post back in February. We still haven't moved, although on the plus side we might have made a decision about where to move to, so at least that's something But that does not mean we're close to actually doing it and you know actually moving. Gosh it's frustrating! but I'm not moaning today, instead I thought I'd share some of the pretty things that I will be putting in my new house or shoebox when it finally arrives in my life. After all these things are what is making me continue the whole painful process - surely I can treat myself to something lovely once we finally do move - yes?!

new house stuff

blue bowlchest of drawers / chevron pillowglass vase

Clearly I'm having a moment with pink things, at least according to the above! And whilst I know that I can't realistically spend £80 on old suitcases/storage boxes it's super tempting right now! So any other lovely things you've spotted that I should keep an eye on for when this palaver is all over and we've moved?


  1. That was one cute chair! Love the bowl too! I might also fill my house with almost anything cute, and partly cheap because I just can't help it!

    1. I think it has to be done! Alas I fear that chair (and many of the other items) far exceeds my budget. Oh well I can dream! Thanks for stopping by. x