Tuesday 1 April 2014

A Treasure Trove of Loveliness

Hello fellow Travel Tuesdayers and how are you today? Thanks for popping by for the latest edition of travelling fun. Today I thought if discuss my first ever trip to the tourist hot spot that is Fortnum and Mason's. Enjoy!

A couple of weeks ago I was ambling down Regents Street when I passed the most stunning window displays and had to pause in wonder. I think it was the mixture of bright colours and food that had me stopping to stare. As I was salivating over the lovely items on display I realised I was looking at the windows of Fortnum and Mason and that I'd never actually visited this world famous shop before. How absurd is that?! For all but three years of my life (my university days) I've lived withing a stones throw of London so to not have visited sooner just seems crazy cakes!


 Thankfully I wasn't in a rush so I headed in and experienced a place tourists come from all over to see. I have to admit I loved it all! Not only did all the food look and sound delicious but it was all brilliantly displayed and the chocolates smelled divine! Everything was perfectly organised and stacked in coordinating bright colours, which I loved! f I worked nearer I'd pop in regularly just to cheer myself up as it's such a welcoming and inviting shop.

As well as all the gorgeous packaged food there was delicious smelling tea, the infamous baskets and the most covetable crockery. I abstained from making any purchases but I'd love to be let lose in here one day  soon with a limitless budget. I can't even imagine how awesome that'd be!

So, tell me, what's your favourite foodie shop and what touristy spots have you never visited that are super close to you? I'd love to know, I'm all ears!

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    1. It really is - and it all smells amazing too! I bet their afternoon tea would be scrumptious too! xxx

  2. Oh cool! I work right near here and have never been. Will have to visit soon. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You should, it's really awesome - although crazy expensive! I would imagine the windows are pretty cool all year round too. I might have to go back after Easter and double check! Thanks for stopping by. xx

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