Sunday 1 December 2013

The perils of making Christmas presents when you're disorganised

Happy December first, hooray that festivities can properly commence - I'm talking Christmas drinks every day, Christmas tunes blasting out and of course multiple mince pies every day, whoopee! As it's now December I wanted to share some of my present stresses, mainly about making presents and why that's a bad idea when you are bad at planning and organising!

So a while ago I decided I wanted to make every member of my family at least one thing for Christmas and after having a little browse around the site of amazingness that is Pinterest I’d quickly formed a long list of potential crafty projects. Then, being the clever person that I am I thought ‘no need to worry about such things right at this moment, it’s only October, I’ll worry about it in November’. Now it’s nearly not November and I've just remembered about this genius plan of mine and realised I'm sort of lacking in time. Yes I know it’s over three weeks till Christmas but that’s nowhere near enough time to make a pillow, a cake stand or reuse a jumper to make mittens especially with two weekends booked out already. So yes I've failed in my amazing crafty present making attempts before they've even started. I'm a total idiot.

However what I did realise the other day is that I could make something far simpler if I go for the same thing for everyone and whilst these gifts might not be as fabulous as originally planned they will still be pretty cool and bonus no one will know I’d originally planned something far superior! {Unless they read this and if so, oops and please forgive me.}.

So what am I planning on making I hear you cry? Well I'm thinking of decorating jars and filling them with lots of lovely surprises, awesome idea right? I made something along these lines recently for my friends (see the picture above) and then filled them with Christmas sweets and they went down quite well, so why not continue on this path?

Plus as an added bonus, they are super easy to make. All you do is…
  1. Wash a jar – any size/shape/type
  2. Fill with sweets
  3. Decorate the jar with washi tape {Christmas tape is by far the best option and it just so happens that I have a plethora of Christmas themed tapes to choose from}.
  4. Decorate the jar lid. Either with sparkly nail varnish or you could cleverly disguise the lid with tissue paper and ribbon. GENIUS ALERT!
  5. Give to your wonderful family and they will think you are pretty spectacularly awesome {until they read this post and realise you are forgetful and bad at planning}.
Once Christmas has happened I’ll share the finished products and that I decided to fill them with, which let’s be honest is perhaps the most exciting part! But in the meantime I’d love to hear about the crafty thing you’re planning on making your family or friends for Christmas. Let’s face it I need to start planning next year’s presents now!

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