Friday 7 February 2014

Happenings in the world of me aka normal everyday life

Greetings friends and how are you this Friday morning? I'm partially ready for another day at the grindstone, can you sense all that enthusiasm! On the plus side it's almost the weekend and even though I've only had a four day week I need the weekend to arrive really badly!

Whilst browsing some of my favourite blogs the other day I realised that some of my favourite posts are the ones where people share what they've been up to in normal everyday life - thanks Belinda for this post which reminded me of that fact! So I thought I might share some of what I've been up to recently with you today, aren't you guys lucky!?

Reading. Not very much in terms of books as it turns out as I just can't seem to get into anything right now. I think it's been about two weeks since I was hooked on a book. Annoying indeed but at least I've had awesome blogs to read, posts like this, this and this one.

Watching. Chicago PD which I discovered over the weekend and can highly recommend. It’s by the same people as Law and Order (don’t you just love that show) and Chicago Fire (obvs) and after just one episode I was hooked, hence why I've now watched all the episodes that currently exist… Also the Superbowl, well I tried to watch the Superbowl, but it was just too boring that I couldn't stay awake. Oops.

Eating. I made BBQ pulled pork at the weekend which I've been dreaming about ever since. It tasted divine and was soooo easy to make. I think this meal might become my new recipe of choice. That and a tub of Pringles, oh and bourbon biscuit and chocolate brownies of course – amazing!

Not enjoying. The current freezing cold temperatures as my hands have turned into sandpaper as a result. No matter how much of my trusty Aveeno handcream I use nothing seems to work. So frustrating, especially as I normally love the winter months with their crisp and clear mornings and the excuse of snuggling on the sofa.

Loving. These cute baby clothes I found in Gap recently – and in the sale too! How cute is this onesie? Also check out my awesome new wrapping for 2014 (yes I'm one of those people), I'm in love with the black and gold it makes me feel all grown up – ridiculous I know.

Listening to. I'm still obsessed with the Frozen soundtrack. I just can’t myself as it’s just too darn good. I'm enjoying it so much I'm tempted to go to one of the sing-along screenings they’re putting on next week. That’s a bit wrong isn't it?

Spending money on. Not clothes at all, well not quite as so far this year the only things I've bought (jeans, a jumper, running trousers) have been purchased with vouchers or in exchange of other things. I'm not sure what’s wrong with me at the moment and why I'm being strangely money conscious (though I am secretly loving it!). I have bought a few books of course, Fortunately, the Milk..., The Light Years and The Storyteller to name a few - oops! Oh and I bought these delicious American sweets. But still I've been pretty well behaved I think you’ll agree!

Missing. Spending time with my sisterlings after a brilliant four day weekend in the Peak District. We had such a good time playing board games, watching films, exploring and eating and I'm sad I'm no longer there.

Stressing out about. My fitness as I had a break from the half marathon training of an entire week (due to the weekend away and my general laziness). Not only do I feel guilty about this lapse, I'm also annoyed that my fitness levels seem to have dropped as a result, plus my knee is playing up which is less than ideal. I'm trying to remind myself that any exercise I do is good and that I shouldn't be so hard on myself but that's not always that easy!


  1. That pulled pork looks amazing, and I know what you mean about sandpaperey hands, I'm constantly applying handcream because of the cold weather and then air conditioning at work. Roll on Spring!

    1. It really was amazing, I don't think my iPhone picture really does it justice! Sandpaper hands are so frustrating aren't they - why oh why do they do that. Also why were they fine for the first 20 odd years of my life before going weird - annoying! Thanks for popping by. xx