Thursday 27 February 2014

Flamingos, flowers, books and stubborness

Guys can we just take a moment and focus on the fact that the last few days have included sunshine - I mean wow spring has officially poked it's head out. I feel like it's surely only a matter of time until we're walking around without our gloves or woolly hats and then surely pumps without tights will be a thing again. Oh I can't wait! I mean I even saw crocuses poking up in the park at the weekend. Hooray indeed! On the subject of happy things... today's blog post is all about that. Obviously the reappearance of spring is up there but what else is making me smile right now...

Well first up we have the lovely new books that I got recently from my lovely publishing friends. What a great selection hey? It really is pretty awesome knowing so many people in the world of books. I can't wait to tuck into them all - I think Eleanor and Park will be my next read as I've heard such good things about it. Although I am torn between that and Bombs on Aunt Daisy, as I had no idea there existed a sequel to When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit in the universe. That book was one of my favourite books as a child, so it may have to be that one.

Next up on my favourites list right now is fresh flowers. We bought some for just £2 in Lidl over two weeks ago and they're still looking lovely and smelling divine. There's something about fresh flowers that just makes my heart sing, which is possibly why I love spring so much.

Another good thing that happened this week is this following story of when my stubbornness ended in good things! Last week I was all set to leave a certain TV provider as we were paying an exorbitant amount of money to them for a relatively small return, but then a good thing happened. I was so stubborn about leaving that they offered to undercut the other supplier and by a ridiculous amount just so that I'd stay. So I of course said yes and felt like I'd achieved a huge victory. We're now paying 50% less for the same package and less than we would have done anywhere else. I'm so impressed that I managed to beat them down by so much - I mean I'm usually rubbish at such things. I think because I was just so stubborn and set in leaving and because we've been with them for so long they caved. But it was a totally unexpected (and lovely) surprise! So of course now I'm set on working out what else we can save money on - next up is the gas and electricity. I'll keep you posted!

The final lovely thing in my life right now is this super-cute flamingo notebook. Don't you just love it? It was a present from a lovely friend when I started my new job three months ago and I've finally had the chance to start it. It's just the perfect size and manages to make me smile whenever I go to use it - just what you want on a really busy work day, right?!

So what are the things keeping you happy right now? Please share. I love hearing the smaller things cheering people up!

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