Saturday 22 February 2014

It's recipe time again, scrumptious pulled pork!

A couple of weeks back it was Super Bowl Sunday and this just happened to coincide with our trip to the Peak District to see the littlest Evans. We decided to celebrate this serendipitous event by having a US themed dinner of pulled pork wraps and rice, followed by the American wonder that is the humble m&m. Before I go any further can I just say: bloody genius idea right there! That menu is basically heaven on a plate, well two plates.

Now pulled pork is a new thing for me, not eating it – I'm well practiced at eating it and find it delicious. But when it comes to cooking pulled pork, actually creating that wonder from scratch well that’s another matter. Thankfully the wonderful internet saved my bacon and after a few clicks we had a plethora of information at our disposal. Which we promptly ignored as we came up with our own way that didn't include twenty seven different utensils or six hours of cooking time – I’m sorry but I’m not well known for my patience so that would never happen. Anyway our recipe is below, but before you get started just two useful bits of information you might want to bear in mind…
  1. Aldi sell pork shoulder for just £3.50 and it’s enough to feed three VERY hungry sisters, so you should most definitely check that out.
  2. When cooking in a new oven it’s probably best to check that you've turned it on properly and that it is not in fact cold 50 minutes after you start. Just a thought as that moment when you realise dinner will be a whole extra hour away is not the best moment of your life. Also the wisecracks and teasing for the rest of the night – also not fun.
  • One pork shoulder
  • One onion (cut into eighths)
  • A bottle of Paul Newman’s BBQ sauce AKA the best BBQ sauce ever invented
  • 1 pack of wraps
  • 1 box of left over takeaway rice
And the method….
  • Preheat the oven as per the instructions on your pork (ours said 200°C)
  • Rub your pork shoulder with a spoon of BBQ sauce and place on the roasting tin surrounded by the onion
  • Cook the meat until it’s cooked as per the instructions (ours took two and a half hours)
  • Remove the pork and break it apart with two forks, it should pull apart really easily
  • Throw the meat back into the roasting tin and add half a bottle or so of the BBQ sauce and give it a good old mix
  • Bung (yes a technical term used by Michel Roux et al) it in the oven for another half an hour until it smells divine
  • Serve in wraps or on top of the rice and enjoy

So tell me have you ever tried making pulled pork and was it a success? Don’t you just want to eat it everyday for the rest of your life?!

This recipe was first published on Cook, Bake and Eat here.


  1. I've not tried making pulled pork before. It really is easy and looks so delicious! I don't have an Aldi extremely close, but I do go to Lidl in the next town over from time to time. I'll have to see if they have a good deal on pork shoulder.
    I think it's fun that you had an American night for Superbowl! =)

  2. You should definitely see if you can get some and give it a whirl - I can't explain quite how easy and delicious it was. I honestly think I might have to make it every single week! Yes our Superbowl night was so much fun - I'm very pleased American Football is getting bigger over here - I love it! Thanks for popping by.