Wednesday 23 July 2014

Life update (part one)

Hi lovely blog readers, how ARE you? I hope you’re not sweltering too much in this heat? I really am not a fan of this weather and I'm allowed to complain about it as I never asked for it to appear. Give me a chilly day where I have to wrap up warm and I'm happy - unless I'm on a beach in which case I want all the sunshine please.

I've been a busy bee over the last few weeks so  for today’s post I thought I’d give you a bit of a life update but then when I started writing one and my ‘what I've read recently’ section was huge and I couldn't inflict the whole thing on you. So here’s part one of my what I've been doing lately post! {These posts are some of my favourite to read as I’m fundamentally a super nosey person so I’m hopeful this works for you too…}

Firstly I'm making my way through savouring the brand new David Nicholls book, Us. I won a proof copy of this book via Twitter and I cannot tell you how much I'm enjoying it. It’s a really lovely tale about one family who are struggling as a family and it flicks back and forth between the present and various moments in their past. So far it’s totally living up to the wonder of a book that One Day was. 

I'm crazy behind on blog reading at the moment, but I have a few recent highlights I wanted to share with you.
Browned butter toffee chocolate chip cookies from Handle the Heat. These are an actual real baked thing. OMG! How do people think of these things and who is going to make them for me? Anyone?

How Sweet it is’s pregnancy essay which had me laughing VERY loudly numerous times. I love Jessica's writing style and also how she told her parents and her husband that she was expecting. So cute.

News of Being Erica’s new job – how excellent to have found your dream job!

Details on how to rebrand your blog from Kate – pertinent to goings on in my life right now as there are changes acoming to this here blogging space. Exciting!

Lau's weekend update as it saves me the job of typing it all up. It was lovely to be back home although I do think I managed to eat enough for a family of four...

Info on how to update your smoothies from Rosie. I really want to better at smoothies as part of my healthy lifestyle drive so this post is super-helpful. Now I just need to go shopping for all the awesome ingredients!

A recipe for one bowl carrot and apple muffins. I do love a healthy recipe and one that requires the minimum number of utensils so I'm all over this one. Plus I've never made a carrot based cake before. A travesty right?!

So what about you, what have you been reading (book and blogs) recently - I'd love some more blogger suggestions particularly! 

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