Sunday 6 July 2014

June, you were awesome!

So June is over and we're already a week through July, how did this happen?! 2014 is FLYING by isn't it! Before July disappears let's take a quick dip into the goodness that happened this month - let's ignore the not so good moving house related stuff and focus on the happy things. That's a far better way to live if you ask me! 

Delicious food
I baked flapjacks (for the first time ever), triple chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter and m&m cookies. Obviously they were all scrumptious - they contain sugar after all! I also spent a few afternoons munching on picnics in the park, which was wonderful and relaxing. One other super-exciting thing is that I made baked sweet potato fries for the first time and they were perfect - I've struggled not to cook them every week since... Oh and I finally succeed in making iced coffees at home. Yummy! 

Also on the food front I had the most scrumptious tapas ever (see the evidence below). I think the meatballs and then the butternut squash and feta dish were the best. Although it's odd that they didn't do potato bravas at a tapas restaurant isn't it?! I also finally made it to The Delaunay for brunch, which was sensational and then there was the eggs and avocado I had for Sunday brunch last weekend in Clapham. Amazing, What a combo!

London Explorations
Also in June I found the most amazing coffee shop in Balham, Lavish Habit, and I wanted to buy everything in there, including the neon display furniture. When I have a new house I want the below pieces! I also ambled around Hyde Park and explored it a couple of times, whilst cooing over the ducks. Plus I had a glorious run around The South Bank and up to St Paul's Cathedral which was the perfect way to start the day! London really is lovely in the sunshine isn't it!

Lovely family fun days
Oh I had such a lovely time with my family this month, it was such fun. There was a lovely 36 hours with the sisterlings in Clapham that involved house hunting, a summer fete, a dog show (!) and lots of homemade food. It was brilliant! Then there was a family reunion at my parents' house with all my mum's cousins some of who she hadn't seen for thirty years - crazy right! It was such a lovely day spent in the garden and meeting new people. Of course my mum was in her element! Oh and there was homemade hummus - go me! On the final weekend of June we had a family run in London (yes we are that family) before brunch, which was pretty damn awesome.

Another thing that makes a month amazing is of course brilliant books and I read some great ones in June, you should read them all! See my booky thoughts here. There really is nothing better than getting lost in a good book is there?

So, how was your month? I hope June treated you well. Please tell me all about it! Once again I'm linking up with Belinda for her life is good link up so make sure you head over to her blog to read the other fun things that have happened in June. Happy reading! 

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  1. Oh my all that food looks so tasty!!!

    Also now I want neon display furniture too!

    1. It was so delicious - I definitely need to eat more homemade stuff each month! Yes, we should all buy neon furniture! I think it would make me happy even when I'm stressed about things/ Thanks for stopping by. xx

  2. Tapas is on my to-do list. I've made homemade tamales (as a Korean woman) but have never been to a tapas restaurant. I had a lovely time visiting England back in the 90s... I hate referring to decades when talking about my past. LOL That's how I KNOW I'm getting old. Ah, but older life has been good to me so far. Blessings to you~