Monday 28 July 2014

Present decisions

On Sunday I went to the christening of one of my favourite people, baby Bella. When it comes to a christening I'm never sure what I should bring as a present - I mean it seems to me that its tradition to give something Peter Rabbit themed (I got a bowl and plate set and a Mrs Tiggy-Winkle money box) or small person sized jewelry (I got a beautiful charm bracelet and a lovely locket). But in reality how helpful is that for a small baby (and said baby's parents)? Don't get me wrong all of the presents outlined are lovely and I definitely appreciated being given them but the reality is that after two years you've smashed the bowl (or your too 'cool' for it), the bracelet no longer fits and twenty years later the money box is lost and the locket and charm bracelets are so tarnished they are unsalvageable.

So ahead of the christening I thought a lot about what I wanted to gift to Bella. I wanted the gift to mean something and be personal as well as useful. Also a christening is about celebrating a baby and the people who are going to help guide her so I wanted to think about that too. I also knew that I didn't want her to look back at the gifts in ten or twenty years and think I never knew I had that, I've never used it or what is this? So I haven't put any pressure on myself for this present, have I?

I finally settled on a set of some of my favourite books from childhood, so basically the essential bookcase for a baby. I figured that ticked all the boxes I was aiming for and Bella would get so much use out of them in the years to come. To be honest it was a bit tricky to narrow them all down as there are loads that I loved as a child, but after a lot of deliberating I settled on Where's Spot?, Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum, The Alfie Treasury, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Five Minute's Peace. Pretty much an essential bookcase for a child, right?!

So tell me, what would you give as a christening present? 

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  1. Creased bedding anyone?! xxx
    P.s. I want all the books!