Monday 9 December 2013

Smiley Happy Things #4

Happy Monday folks! I hope you had a brilliant weekend and are enjoying all the festivities? I certainly am! With just two weeks until the big day I'm knee deep in organisation and making the very most of my Christmas playlist and all my Christmas movies and I LOVE it! Anywho we'd best get down to the point of today's post hadn't we. So here are this week's smiley happy things.

First up we have the glorious sunsets and sunrises we've been seeing recently. The mixture of orange, pink and purple hues which I've been witnessing every morning and evening recently have been absolutely glorious. It really makes my day to see them and it's a reminder of how wonderful the world is, which is something always worth remembering.

The other thing that has been a constant for me this week particularly are lovely evenings/days with lovely people. The last week has included a baby shower, a night of cheese, thai food and drinks with ex work peeps (who are now pretty awesome friends), catch ups with old family friends, Disney DVD-a-thons with friends and finally yesterday's Christmas Sunday Funday with my oldest friends. Phew, no wonder I was exhausted last night, what a week. I really am truly lucky to have such amazing friends and family.

Homemade cakes with homemade chocolate buttons from the baby shower!

Another great thing from the last week? I've finally written all my Christmas cards, whoop to me! Whilst I may not have actually sent them all yet (this weeks job) but I'm feeling a lot better than I was this time last week, it really is such a weight off your shoulders isn't it?

On another Christmas note I made paper-chains and I purchased some new decorations, cute aren't they. Plus for only £5 I could hardly say no could I!

So what about what's cheered you up this week? I'd love to know and you can totally share with Lau and I by linking up below. Hooray!

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