Thursday 19 December 2013

That time I Christmas-ified our picture wall

We've got a wall in our living room which is full of frames of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours where we show off some of our favourite shots of friends and family. Granted it's in need of a bit of TLC ever since that time we took all the pictures off to dust them and now we can't fit everything back up the way it should go. Plus a couple of frames are broken. But still it's one of my favourite parts of that room. This year when we put up our decorations for Christmas I felt sad that we didn't have anything to decorate that wall with. It seemed strange to leave that wall void of festive spirit, let's be honest too many Christmas decorations is never a bad thing is it?! It took me a while to come up with how to decorate that area as I hate tinsel (the obvious solution), a banner would only do half of the area and we'd need ten dozen fairy lights. Finally I hit upon the idea of making the items in the frames the festive thing. That way I could have fun with PicMonkey (which is always a winner in my eyes!) and it doesn't involve me buying any more decorations that I'd then have to store, which in a two bed London flat isn't the easiest thing!

So I got busy with photoshop and made some of the following designs - what do you think, cute right? I think my favourite is the green one with all the hanging decorations, closely followed by the O' Christmas Tree one.

Once they were designed and printed, I added a few other Christmas printables I found online and we set to work adding them to the frames (or sticking them over the frames). Below is the final wall, what do you think suitably festive? {Please ignore the dreadful pictures - I blame the light in that room!

The best thing is that it means I can reuse them in the years to come and easily add to the collection of pictures as and when we have new frames or I fall in love with a new Christmassy image. I'm really rather proud of this wall now, it looks so festive - I love it!

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  1. I love love love this. The happiest Christmas wall I ever did see!