Friday 20 December 2013

The Christmas Card unveiling!

As I get older I seem to put more importance on the trimmings of Christmas than I ever have before. When I was little all that mattered to me was getting the perfect present. Now it has to be the perfect present wrapped in the perfect paper and with the perfect cards, and then with a few other bits and bobs thrown in. I’m not sure why as I know that people don’t necessarily mind about all that stuff, but I seem to be fixated on getting everything to be just right at the moment. Last year I was obsessed with the wrapping and managed to spend a small fortune on trimmings, most of which I still have for this year *listens to my bank as it breathes a sigh of relief*. This year I've been obsessed with making all my Christmas cards. In hindsight this wasn't the best idea I've ever had, as they've taken an awful long time to get done. But I don’t regret making them one bit them as the finished products are so pretty and each one is different to the next. Also I love the response that people have had to them and it was actually quite therapeutic to make them (not to mention the perfect excuse to watch Christmas films!).

Now that the cards are with (or on their way to) their new owners I thought I’d share the finished products with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them, but please be kind to me and remember my crafting and artistic skills are very limited!

To make the cards I used a collection of Christmas washi tapes (above), which I've been gathering for a few years, some brown card, red envelopes and the super-special ingredient: my Instagram photos from Polagram. Have you seen this app? You simply download it to your phone, choose your photos (I went for the images below) and they turn them in to photos, magnets or Polaroid style prints, plus more. I went for the Polaroid style prints as I like those better than the normal prints.

Anyway back to the cards I basically threw the pictures and the washi tape on the brown card and this is the end result – cute yes?

Everyone that’s opened them has seemed to like them and there’s been a lot of cooing over them (especially the reindeer cupcake version) but who can blame them really, as those are cute cakes! As per usual I miscalculated on the number of cards I’d need though and I've had to send a batch of non-homemade cards, which I feel bad about. But never mind I can’t change that and at least the thought was there right!

What about you, do you ever go overboard on the trimmings at Christmas or is that just me?

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