Monday 30 December 2013

Best Bits: Christmas 2013

Morning lovely people, how are you today? Can you believe that Christmas is officially over, isn't that sad? Every year I'm surprised when the celebrations are over as they always seem to zoom past without you really realising - it must be to do with it being my favourite time of year. The best moments always whizz by I find. So today's edition of smiley happy things is clearly going to be all about the Christmas excitement, so here are my standout moments of the last week...

Dad dropping loads of present hints...on Christmas day when it was far too late to do anything about it. {Note to self a Private Eye subscription and coffee bean grinder are on his list}.

Creating the most wondrous gingerbread biscuit Christmas tree - I'm so proud of this!

Hours spent playing games - Linkee and Bananagrams are my new favourite games. Plus of course the train game.

Buying a stupid amount of stuff in the sale - jewellery mostly. I seem to have an affinity for thin and simple gold items at the moment. Oh I also managed to get a load of the Cath Kidston Christmas mugs which I've been eyeing up for the last couple of months. Score!

Opening lovely presents from family that I'd forgotten I'd even put on my list. There were so many lovely things I don't think I could choose.

Taking a stupid number of selfies, mostly of us wearing Christmas hats!

Smiling at people's reactions to my gifts, I love it when you know you've hit the nail on the end. Be it with the jumper that Dad wore solidly for three days or the jars of sweets and jars that get opened and munched on within moments.

Eating so much I couldn't move.

Spending the morning colouring in place mats (courtesy of Santa) rather than any useful jobs. I'd forgotten how therapeutic and calming colouring in is!

Not watching any Christmas TV - just Christmas DVDs. I'll catch up on Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and Death Comes to Pemberley at some point, but game playing and chatting with family was far too important

Almost getting stuck in the most mud ever.

Munching on Dad's homemade Christmas leftovers soup - a sure sign that Christmas is almost over.

Decorating the table for Christmas day with the cutest napkins ever - Christmas jumpers!

Reading some brilliant books - Linger, Tinder and The Night Circus

Crying with laughter on the traditional Christmas day walk as we tried to take a picture of all of us and Dad walked into a post. Hilarious! Plus there was the Krypton Factor tree climbing moment resulting in a couple of ruined coats, but I'm sorry I still maintain that when you see a fallen tree (or five) you have to climb over them.

Enjoying wearing Christmas themed clothes and not having to get properly dressed.

Loving spending time with my favourite people for a whole week with no other commitments - apart from the eating, game playing and nattering of course!

So there we have it, one week of awesome rounded up into one blog post. How was your Christmas, was it a good one and did you get to spend it with your favourite people too?

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